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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime – the Lords Delivers!

I must confess.

Today I voted in one of the most bizarre elections in the world. And I voted for someone who was eligible to be a candidate because he is the great grandson of Herbert Asquith, the former British Prime Minister. I was also one of an exclusive electorate, as members of the House of Lords were the only people eligible to vote.

But the Lords are not elected, I hear you cry! That is mostly true but not when it comes to the ones that are there by birth. Yes, this was the by-election for a vacancy for a hereditary peer (see my earlier blog), and on this occasion the whole House was eligible to vote (with convention saying it ought to be a Liberal).

I voted because I thought I should, but clearly this is the Lords at its most ridiculous.

redbenchesBy contrast I also picked up a copy of the Lords internal newsletter the Red Benches. This included a story telling me that they were testing a new system of recording votes using iPads. This is so that they can record them more efficiently and publish the results more quickly.

This is a very good thing for accountability.

All Lords divisions are published and are easily searchable. The public can then see how we all voted, very soon after we did.  We have nothing to hide.

The Lords have been doing this for some time. It begs the question as to why the Commons don’t do the same…


3 thoughts on “From the Ridiculous to the Sublime – the Lords Delivers!

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  2. Educationsupportuk says:

    Reblogged this on My Devon and commented:
    I totally agree with Jim, particularly with the last line about the commons. However more than this it needs to then move across to County , District Councils and then to town and parish councils as so often they hide behind their voting. In my experience the clerk sometimes does not have their head up when voting happens ( due to recording the meeting via shorthand etc.) , and so relies on others to say how many voted rather then who voted. It also means that chosen people are written down as the proposer and seconder to promote themselves. Interestingly I have also experienced over many meeting as a councillor that if your face fitted then if you voted controversially i.e. for the people rather than for an allegiance, it was logged against your name. I find this sad as the needs of the people are valued far below the ego of the individual councillors and more so the further down the tree you go.

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