Before I get started here are some past ramblings

Last month I went to the wonderful Caribbean US city of New Orleans. What's not to like about the mix of cultures, food, drink, music, history and architecture. But just outside the French quarter I went to meet John, a friend of a friend.

I wrote about this inspirational man and his amazing story on Medium.

On the same platform a few weeks earlier I also wrote a review of the book The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.

I am taking a break from frontline politics. I have written on a few political blogs but here is a recent few from the Labour Lords site.

For a while I have been working with another inspirational woman, Lucy Herd, who founded Jack's Rainbow after her son died in their garden pond. Our campaign for bereavement leave for parents got us as far as trying to amend the Children and Families Bill as explained here. We didn't win but ACAS will shortly issue new guidance to employers on the subject – which is progress.

I am a founder of Labour Coast and Country. The kind of issues we campaign on include how to get rural and coastal areas benefitting from the knowledge economy. The other blog the great Ian Parker published on the Labour Lords blog is my crowd sourced speech in the Lords for the anniversary of the World Wide Web.

More to come right here. Must walk the dogs.







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